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Glam Cam 360 Slow Motion

The 360 Photo Booth, also called Glam Cam 360º (Registered Trademark), is the trending video booth for all kinds of corporate and social events. A platform with a rotating arm around the user that records sequences of variable time to produce a video with a 360º Slow Motion effect that your guests will want to share on social networks


High Speed Robotic Arm equipped with camera.
Red Carpet effect ideal for Photocalls.

Glam Cam Bullet Time 180º

Multi-camera installation ideal for photocalls, which capture photographs that are joined by software to obtain an mp4 video with the Bullet Time effect.
Also known as Bullet Time Cam due to the effects of the Matrix film.
An epic moment frozen in time that users will want to share on social networks promoting the Event.

Glam Cam Bullet Time 360º

Immersive multi-camera Video Booth that generates a 360º video with the Bullet Time effect.
The Bullet Time effect has become popular thanks to the movie saga The Matrix, in which these effects were used.
The result, a video that users will immediately share on their social networks with the Hashtags predefined in the event.

Glam Cam Light Painting

Video Booth that adds lighting effects to 180º and 360º Bullet Time installations, but can also be used with single-multicamera systems to obtain surprising results.


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Discover our 360º Video Booths, Bullet Time, GlamBot, Augmented Reality and many more for all kinds of events. 360º Photo Booth, Slow Motion, Bullet Time. Quotation request:

Event Types

Weddings, children parties, baptism & first communion, birthdays and anniversaries, end of the year parties, team building activities, corporate meetings, congresses, conferences, seminars, product launches, trade fairs, cultural, social, artistic, special events, bachelor parties, sports events, awards ceremonies and graduations.