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Abstract is a marketing and events agency dedicated to turn communication strategies into reality. We create, develop and produce turnkey events.
Services: Promotions, Tastings, Roadshows, Conventions, Stands at fairs, product launches.
César Terradas / Axel Vila
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Abstract [marketing]+[events]

About us 
Since 2006, we are an event management agency from Barcelona committed to turning intangible assets (ideas) into tangible experiences for the brand and its target audience (events). We create, develop and produce events on a turnkey basis. We take care of the comprehensive management of all events.
Our company was born from the experience of its founders.  We have produced all sort of events (corporate hospitalities management, building and design of corporate stands, conventions, gala dinners, sports events , press conferences, promotions and sampling, openings of corporate  venues) for clients such as Estrella Damm, Sony, European Commission, Clariant, FC Barcelona, Acer…
We have learned to understand the customer’s needs and detect how to surprise the audience, taking special care of all the details and anticipating possible  unforeseen expenses or events.

How We Work
We are the only contact for the client since, as the comprehensive event management agency that we are, we take care of  ALL and EVERY step of the service chain: proposal, design, organization, implementation, results. 
When a client explains us his needs we work to meet them by following the motto “impact-experience-memory” and with a competitive, detailed budget.

We have produced events for all kind of companies and institutions (public administrations, foundations, …) of different sectors and nationalities.  Every event and every client is unique. We work together with the client to build an event that matches their needs. Do not hesitate to tell us about your idea and together we will make it come true.
Companies and institutions who have put their trust in us:
Sony, Grupo Damm (Estrella Damm, Estrella Damm Inedit, Estrella Levante, Budweiser, Veri, Voll-Damm, A.K.Damm, Saaz,…), F.C.Barcelona, La Caixa, Hesperia Hoteles, Port Aventura, Comisión Europea, Ajuntament de Barcelona, Qatar Foundation, Clariant, Gorupalia…


Event Types

Team building activities, corporate meetings, congresses, conferences, seminars, product launches, trade fairs, cultural, social, artistic, sports events and awards ceremonies.




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